Appeal Schedule of Dr. Burton to Charges against her



Outline of necessary discussions:

Witnesses:  Joe Lomax, Steve Elmer, Alexandra Zupec, Ron Jacobus, Roger Burton, Dr. Petra Roter


1.      Opening Statement from Dr. Burton                                     

2.      Roger Burton – explanation of website navigation

3.      Discussion about Appeals Commission’s responsibilities

a.       Note the section concerning “Length of Process”

b.      Rebuttal to Appeal Notice  (4-30-17)

4.      Rebuttal to Chancellor Shields’ Statement of Charges (3-31-17)     

a.       Witness – Chancellor Shields

5.      Rebuttal to Chancellor Shields’ Suspension (1-4-17)

a.       Witness – Chancellor Shields

b.      Witness – Laura Anderson (Fac Sen Exec committee)

c.       Witness – mark Zidon  (Fac Sen Exec committee)

d.      Witness – Benjamin Collins  (Fac Sen Exec committee)                  

6.      Rebuttal to Throop-Gormley Complaint  (12-16-16)            

a.       Witness – Gormley

b.      Witness – Throop

7.      Rebuttal to Roter report  (1-19-17)                                        

a.       Witness – Dr. Roter

b.      Witnesses – Students who have been in Dr. Burton’s classes

c.       Interviewees (6 or seven people-all of whom Dr. Burton has complained)

8.      Rebuttal to Throop memo to deny grievance hearing            (12-1-14)

a.       Witness – Dr. Throop

b.      Witnesses – Tomas Stafford, Daniel Fairchild, Michael Thompson, Theron Parsons, Miyeon Kwon, Donita Cartmill – named in (exhibit 601).

9.      Seemingly Fraudulent and Discriminatory Grievance Hearing Procedures (11-21-14)

a.       Witness – Dr. C Cornett

b.      Witness – Dr. Balachandran

c.       Witness – Attorney Thomas Stafford

10.  Throop Letter of Direction Rebuttal (10-28-14) (see  -  UWS 3.08)

a.       Witness – Dr. Stackman

b.      Witness – Dr. Solar

c.       Witness – Dr. Nemmetz

d.      Witness – Deb Rice (who reported class cnx?)

e.       Witness – Elizabeth Throop (who reported class cnx?)

f.        Witness - Lohmann

11.  Shields Letter of Direction Rebuttal   (6-3-16)          

a.       Witness – Chancellor Shields

b.      Witness – Dr. Staci Strobl

12.  Dr. Burton’s claims about Dr. Strobl’s misrepresentations    (6-20-16)

a.       Witness – Dr. Staci Strobl

13.  Mishandling of Dr. Burton’s personnel records

14.  Prior bogus complaints against Dr. Burton that were dismissed (shows history of abuse)

a.       Deb Rice complaint Rebuttal (8-8-16)

                                                              i.      Witness Dale Burke

                                                            ii.      Witness Deb Rice

b.      Throop complaint Rebuttal (1-5-15)

c.       Response to Shields’ Dismissal (Exhibit E) (8-31-16)-(20 months later)

15.  Attorney Lattis’ false accusations

16.  Hearing transcript (and video) of 5/25/17. 

a.       Rebuttal (being created) 



Amplifying information can be found on the timeline.