Synopsis of events in Dr. Sabina Burton’s story:




Dr. Lorne Gibson, a faculty member of the Criminal Justice Department, passed a note to a female student that said “Call me tonight!!!” and included his personal cell phone number.


The student asked Dr. Burton to help her with reporting the incident which she considered inappropriate and made her uncomfortable.  Dr. Burton considered it sexual harassment.


Dr. Burton advocated for the student.


Dr. Caywood retaliated against Dr. Burton for her advocacy of the student.


Dr. Burton asked Dean Throop (now Provost Throop) and HR director Durr for help in stopping Caywood from retaliating.


Instead of helping Dr. Burton Dean Throop retaliated against Dr. Burton to get her to stop complaining.


Dr. Burton complained about Dean Throop’s retaliation.  Dr. Burton is from Bavaria where people are well known to be quite stubborn, especially when they are right.


The administration promised a grievance hearing but never scheduled one.  Eleven months after she requested the hearing Dr. Burton withdrew her grievance because of the time that had passed, the grievance committee’s inability to provide relief and because her attorney, Tim Hawks, had advised her that the court was now handling the matter.  The court refused to even consider the matter.


Dean Throop stated, under oath, that Deb Rice informed her that Dr. Burton cancelled a class without permission.  Deb Rice, under oath, denied making this report.  Dean Throop accused Dr. Burton of cancelling class and threatened that she “will be disciplined” without ever asking Dr. Burton if the allegation was true.  Dr. Burton proved that she had indeed conducted the class but instead of apologizing to Dr. Burton Dean Throop filed a bogus complaint against her.


Chancellor Shields ordered an immediate investigation into Throop’s bogus allegations against Dr. Burton.  The audio recording of the investigation interview between Dr. Barraclough and Dr. Burton shows that Dr. Burton effectively refuted all the charges.  However, the investigation report, which was hidden from Dr. Burton for a year, was very biased against Dr. Burton and did not report the facts as presented in the audio recorded interview.  The report was not signed.  Who wrote the Barraclough investigation report?  We believe Attorney Jennifer Sloan Lattis “edited” the report and delivered it as though it was the investigator’s report.   


Dr. Dalecki retaliated against Dr. Burton and against a student who supported Dr. Burton.


A gag-order was enforced on Dr. Burton.


Dr. Burton filed a federal lawsuit against Dr. Caywood, Dean Throop and Dr. Dalecki and the Board of Regents.


Chancellor Shields retaliated against Dr. Burton to get her to stop complaining.


Dr. Burton complained about Chancellor Shields’ retaliation.   Dr. Burton’s complaints were referred to UW System Legal and went nowhere.   


Dr. Burton fired her first attorney for reasons we are keeping quiet for now.


Dr. Burton’s second attorney, Tim Hawks misrepresented Dr. Burton and sabotaged her federal lawsuit. 


The suit was dismissed in summary judgment and Dr. Burton asked Hawks to file a request for reconsideration.  He refused to do so and withdrew as her attorney.  He seemed to be very upset that Dr. Burton had asked Governor Walker for help.  Was he bribed?  Was he threatened?  Did he sabotage Dr. Burton’s case for political reasons?  


Attorney Hawks sent Dr. Burton a bill for about $35,000. Burton did not pay the bill because she felt Hawks didn’t earn it, but feels instead that he should pay her back the approximately $200,00 she had already paid him.  Hawks has not yet tried to collect on his bill.  Doesn’t that tell you something?


Dr. Burton filed her own request for reconsideration with the court, without representation and with only 18 days to file.  Her request for reconsideration was denied because her prior attorney, Tim Hawks had effectively sabotaged the case. 


Dr. Burton filed an appeal with the appellate court but the appeals court dismissed the case because Tim Hawks had effectively sabotaged the case. 


Dr. Burton filed another complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).



Dr. Burton kept immaculate notes, some of which she shared with an investigative reporter.   The reporter called Dr. Burton’s case “the quintessential government abuse story.”


Deb Rice filed a complaint against Dr. Burton on bogus charges shortly after Dr. Burton filed a grievance against Deb Rice.  Burton’s grievance hearing request was denied but Chancellor Dennis Shields immediately ordered an investigation into Deb Rice’s complaint against Dr. Burton saying that the investigation could lead to Burton’s dismissal.


The investigator, Dale Burke, produced a final investigation report but the university denied Dr. Burton access to the report, in violation of state law.  After Dr. Burton involved the AG’s office in her attempts to see the report she was given a report that was not signed by the investigator.  The “Burke report” was biased against Dr. Burton and did not relay the facts presented in the audio recorded interview Mr. Burke had with Dr. Burton.  Mr. Burke admitted that a “third person” had “edited” the report after he had delivered it.  Could Attorney Jennifer Sloan Lattis have “edited” the report to put Sabina in a bad light?   Who was this mysterious “third person?”   Why did the university initially refuse to give Dr. Burton the report?


The investigative reporter published a story about Sabina’s case.   This got a lot of people’s attention, especially students.   The university called a meeting to discuss the matter with students but cancelled the meeting at the last minute.  Dr. Burton attended and explained to a room full of students and faculty and staff members what had been going on.   Students were upset that the administration failed to show for the meeting and refused to answer their questions.  The administration called another meeting a few days later, at a time when Dr. Burton was in class and therefore unable to attend.  


Shortly after the investigative report was published Chancellor Shields dismissed Deb Rice’s complaint against Dr. Burton.


Dr. Burton’s husband launched a website on with much information about the issue.


Interim Provost Throop and Interim Dean Gormley filed a complaint against Dr. Burton on bogus charges.  Chancellor Shields immediately ordered an investigation against Dr. Burton and suspended her for bogus reasons.    The investigator, Dr. Roter met with Dr. Burton and recorded the meeting.  The audio of the meeting puts Sabina in an excellent light and she refuted all the charges against her.  However, the “Roter report” which was delivered by Chancellor Shields, as though it was Dr. Roter’s investigation report, is very biased against Dr. Burton.  The report was not signed by the investigator.  Was this another forgery?  I think so.  Who forged the document?  My guess is that it was forged by Jennifer Sloan Lattis.  This report reads just like the other two forged investigation reports against Dr. Burton. 


The investigative reporter wrote several more articles over coming weeks.


Dr. Burton filed a second federal lawsuit.


Dr. Burton filed another complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).


Dr. Burton is just getting started.