Wis Stat. 946.32  says: “False swearing.

(1) Whoever does either of the following is guilty of a Class H felony:

(a) Under oath or affirmation makes or subscribes a false statement which he or she does not believe is true, when such oath or affirmation is authorized or required by law or is required by any public officer or governmental agency as a prerequisite to such officer or agency taking some official action.”





1.      See if you can find the perjury:  On 10/28/15 Dean Throop was deposed for a federal lawsuit.  In the transcript of her sworn deposition you can read her say that Deb Rice falsely reported and falsely verified that Burton had cancelled class (pg 13-16).   Deb Rice says that she did not tell Dean Throop that Dr. Burton cancelled class (Deb Rice’s deposition pg 14-16).  Have you spotted the perjury yet?  Now take a look at another interesting twist.  Dr. Dalecki’s sworn account of this incident is rather interesting too (pg 104-108).   


2.      Reading the transcript of Dr. Fuller’s deposition you can almost hear Truth diving for cover, and knocking over lamps and chairs in its haste to escape, as she tries to answer questions about paperwork irregularities in Burton’s evaluation record and her decision to allow Dr. Caywood, whom Dr. Burton was suing in federal court, to sit on the board that evaluated Burton even after she had received Burton’s appeal requesting Caywood’s removal due to the obvious and significant conflict of interest (pg 36-46).  Read the Timeline from Jan 7, 2015 through 1/28/15 paying particular attention to 1-23-15. Try to figure out the history of Dr. Burton’s scores.   Did Dr. Fuller commit perjury in a federal investigation?


3.      In Dr. Fuller’s deposition transcript read (page 60-64).   Fuller’s memory goes “fuzzy” when she is asked about her allegations of sexual harassment against Dr. Caywood.  There was a time when Fuller aggressively pursued her sexual harassment allegations against Caywood [Dkt 46-129 pg 2]  but now she is under orders from above to deny that she ever made those allegations.  She is conflicted, and is not nearly as good a liar as Dr. Dalecki.  Did Dr. Fuller commit perjury in a federal investigation?  



4.      Dr. Burton’s mentoring assignment was taken away but she was not told why Dkt 53-37,  (exhibit 524),  Dkt 43-6, BENSKY EXHIBIT DDDD – 001.  Dalecki wrote to HR director Lohmann “She wants me to explain - - I of course have a number of reasons but I will not explain them without consultation with you” (UW-P 004709 – page 9).  Dalecki took away Burton’s mentoring assignment without a reason.  He needed to talk to HR to get his story straight AFTER he already took away the assignment.   Then, months later, she was officially reprimanded in a Letter of Direction, that is still in her personnel file, for a super-duper serious surprise non-violation:  she asked a colleague if she would house sit (direction #4).  I’m not making this stuff up folks.   Dr. Dalecki said that conflicts of interest, such as asking a junior colleague to house-sit, “needed to be avoided at all costs” but it was perfectly fine for him to pressure a new hire faculty member to rent an apartment in his friend’s apartment complex ( Dalecki depo pg 101-103), (Dkt 43-1 pg2).   Apparently Dean Throop doesn’t subscribe to the “avoid conflict of interest” thing at all.  Stackman said that Dean Throop invited her to talk a few days before her deposition and the house-sitting incident was a central concept of the conversation (Stackman Depo pg 10-13).  She was not uncomfortable about Burton’s attempts to find a house-sitter before Dr. Dalecki tried to convince her to complain about Burton (pg 13-18).  Stackman never complained (Stackman depo pg 37) about Burton’s house-sitting request but Dean Throop still included it in her LOD – (Burton rebuts the LOD).    Dean Throop also stated in her (deposition pg 115-116) that Dr. Stackman complained about Burton.  Was this perjury? 


5.      Dean Throop named Dr. Nemmetz as someone who complained about Dr. Burton in her sworn deposition. (deposition pg 115-116)  But did Nemmetz complain about Dr. Burton or did Throop lie under oath again?   Dean Throop also stated, under oath that all of the members of the CJ department (except Joe Lomax) complained about Dr. Burton but did they?  All of them?  Really?  Is this another perjury?  If even one department member, besides Lomax, says he or she never complained to Throop about Burton then it seems Throop lied under oath.




6.      Another perjury?  Dean Throop claimed in her deposition that there was a UW-Platteville logo at the bottom of the websites Burton created (Throop depo pg 129).  But there was never a logo on the websites as shown by Dr. Caywood’s own rebuttal of Burton’s grievance against him (Dkt 40-12).  You can see that Caywood’s screen shots of the websites show no logo (629-G - copy of website CS.pdf), (629-F - copy of website CJ.pdf). 


Dean Throop never mentioned a logo in any of the communications she had on the subject until her deposition on 10/28/15.  She didn’t mention a logo to Den Herder in this communication on 1/24/13 (Throop emails Den Herder); She didn’t mention a logo to Den Herder in their meeting on July 8, 2013 (Den Herder’s notes);  She didn’t mention a logo in her Letter of direction; She didn’t mention a logo in her email to Burton where she withdrew support for Burton on 1/24/13 (Throop withdraws support); She didn’t mention a logo during her meeting with Burton and Jeanne Durr on Jan 29, 2013 (audio exhibit A1) transcript (audio exhibit A1a), (Dkt 101-18). Caywood never mentioned a logo on the websites.  Dr. Burton is not aware of anybody ever mentioning a logo on the websites prior to Throop’s 10/28/15 deposition.


Throop’s story changed and she lied under oath in a federal investigation.  Perjury is a federal crime.   


Note from Roger Burton:  I built the websites Throop referenced and there was never a UW-Platteville logo on either of them.  I will be glad to swear to that fact under oath without fear of being proven wrong by legitimate evidence.   The sad thing is that I would have gladly put my efforts into building a first rate online journal to help my wife create a first rate Cyber-Security program at UW-Platteville instead of spending so much time cataloging corruption at UW-Platteville.   Dean Throop wasted a fantastic opportunity for students just to cover up a sexual harassment complaint.