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The student sexual harassment incident (The Solicitous Note)


Interviewer’s question to Dr. Caywood “Do you believe that you owe Dr. Burton an apology for the way you handled the student complaint issue?”    Dr. Caywood’s response “After the fact probably.”  (Dr. Tom Caywood - Caywood’s deposition 8-21-15)


“When I discussed the matter with Caywood and Gibson, Caywood attempted to explain it away to me as a classroom exercise; Gibson attempted to instruct me on the use of “breach experiments” and claimed that the note was a breach experiment.  It of course is NOT a proper breach experiment and was interpreted by the student as sexual harassment.” (Dean Throop - (Dkt 101-20))


“She (Dr. Burton) came to me with a complaint of a biased student. It was not a sexual advance.” (Dean Throop – Sworn deposition, 10-28-15 -  Dkt 42 pg 114-115)




Criminal Justice department - dysfunctional


It is now very clear we are a little bit dysfunctional as a result of the department not doing what it was suppose to do.”   ((Dr. Lorne Gibson - (11-22-13-KeepingMike-intheloop))  


The Complaints and Grievances Committee recommends ... (2) the Criminal Justice department take steps to resolve the dysfunction within the department, such as communication training.”  (Grievance committee recommendation.   -  (Dkt 42-88 pg13) – note: the recommended communication training never happened)


I walked into the building the other day and she (Lana Caywood – Dr. Tom Caywood’s wife) cussed at me, I didn’t even know who she was.”   (Chancellor Dennis Shields – 7-11-13 - A8 - Ph call - Chancellor - 7-11-13)


What you did to Tom (Dr. Caywood) was pretty shitty.”  This seems to be the “cussing” that Shields referred to in this phone call. [UW-P 000141], [UW-P 004688].


She (Lana Caywood) proceeded to yell at me “how dare you humiliate my husband by making him teach intro classes!” … She slammed her fist into the window hard enough that I thought she might break it. …  She yelled F-You! At me and extended her middle finger my way, yelling something about my wife and something to do with her parking.”   (Dr. Mike Dalecki – Jan 30, 2014 - [UW-P 004689]).


Rice said she has no proof but believes based on her observations that Burton has some undiagnosed and probably untreated, mental health issues.” (Rice apparently said this to a fact finding Investigator (DebRice-Complaintof8-8-16)).    Dr. Burton’s mental affliction is called “ethics,” a malady Rice can’t seem to diagnose.



Investigation reports which threatened Dr. Burton’s employment



Concerning the Burke investigation report that was illegally withheld from Dr. Burton



“The statement you refer to is indeed inaccurate. My final draft was edited by a third person prior to delivery to the University.”  (Dale Burke, investigator into charges against Dr. Burton, Wed 12/7/2016 - (WhydidCrowleyLie-2))



Dr. Mike Dalecki “mentors” a graduate student



“In the long run, that stuff, it will come back and will ultimately to haunt you either in terms of people will no longer include you, or, uh, or who knows what.”


“I think the politics are a sign of a dysfunctional department not a functional one, but that’s being addressed and I’ve been working on it for a year and a half and we’re not done.”


“There’s nothing you’re going to do that’s gonna make a difference except that if something explodes in the face you’ll get hit by shrapnel.”


“If they knew what the chair knew then they would, in some cases, shut the hell up.”


“This is sort of a mentoring conversation between you and I, um.  No one else is privy to it and it’s not a designed to be a horrific kind of thing but rather to be little bit of advice. And I recall when I was a master’s student like you I made a mistake and rather than cut me off at the legs and let me crawl away bleeding I was given a chance to demonstrate that it was a one-time affair.”


“In the end you will get caught in the shrapnel.  Because the explosion that occurred and I’ve been in departments where they do occur and some where they don’t occur.  They’re never pleasant and never particularly functional.”


“The side you should cast your lot in with is the person who is paying you.”


“I’ve been in departments where you didn’t turn your back because you didn’t know who was going to plunge a knife into it.”


“This department’s had issues, I’m not here because it’s an accident.  The Dean didn’t just suddenly say “oh boy let’s change chairs.”  Anybody who’s got enough experience in either politics or academia or anything else knows that those things don’t just happen.”



Dr. Mike Dalecki talking to a grad student in Dalecki’s office - 15 minute talk -  (Audio of the meeting),    (Transcript of the meeting)



Upon listening to the transaction it appears to be mentoring rather than punitive or threatening.”  (Biased Investigation Report (RoterInvestigationReport-3-4-17), (Rebuttal-RoterReport3-4-17))  





Policy misinterpretations and misrepresentations


Statement at a grievance hearing on Dec 2, 2013


I do want to point out though that article Wisconsin 36.09 does begin with the statement that all of the decisions are ultimately the decision of the chancellor and the chancellor’s advisory, so basically the Provost and the Dean.  So, Bottom line is that faculty governance is not a legal contract. That, in the end they can do whatever they choose to do.  And that is the case.  So it seems to me that arguing that these laws, which are not really laws, were broken is not real useful to us at this point.     (The speaker seems to have been Attorney Jennifer Sloan Lattis.  If Lattis was not the speaker it may have been a grievance committee member.  Attorney Lattis was present and she heard this statement and did not correct it.  A13 - Grievance - Throop - 12-2-13,     Grievance-Throop-Transcript)


Wisconsin 36.09  (1) The Board of Regents:  (a) The primary responsibility for governance of the system shall be vested in the board which shall enact policies and promulgate rules for governing the system, plan for the future needs of the state for university education, ensure the diversity of quality undergraduate programs while preserving the strength of the state's graduate training and research centers and promote the widest degree of institutional autonomy within the controlling limits of system-wide policies and priorities established by the board.”

  Wisconsin 36.09(1)(f) states “The board shall delegate to each chancellor the necessary authority for the administration and operation of the institution within the policies and guidelines established by the board. The board may also delegate or rescind other authority to chancellors, committees of the board, administrative officers, members of the faculty and students or such other groups as it deems appropriate. 


Denial of Dr. Burton’s written request to access investigation reports into charges against her

“I am denying your request because I am prohibited by Wis. Stat. section 19.36(10(b) from releasing “Information relating to the current investigation of …possible misconduct connected with employment by an employee prior to disposition of the investigation.”  (Public records custodian for UW Platteville Paul Erickson (Erickson.Denial11.30.16))




Stat. sec/on 19.36(10) says “Employee personnel records. Unless access is specifically authorized or required by statute, an authority shall not provide access under s. 19.35 (1) to records containing the following information, except to an employee or the employee's representative to the extent required under s. 103.13


Wis. Stat. sec/on 103.13 (2) states: “Every employer shall, upon the request of an employee, which the employer may require the employee to make in writing, permit the employee to inspect any personnel documents which are used or which have been used in determining that employee's qualifications for employment, promotion, transfer, additional compensation, termination or other disciplinary action, and medical records.”



Development of fake policy based on a misinterpretation and misapplication of non-existent policy.

Seriously Flawed and Discriminatory Grievance Hearing Procedures were produced, distributed and applied to Dr. Burton to deny her requests for hearings.  They were never discussed, commented on or voted on by the Faculty Senate.   They do not adhere to Wisconsin Open Meetings Law.  (SFDGHP)





Dr. Caywood - removed from Criminal Justice Chair position, or did he step down?



“I won’t break any laws but I will bend them to fit our needs.   (Dr. Tom Caywood;   Dkt 42-97)  



“You have violated the law and I cannot allow this situation to continue.”   (Dean Throop writing to Dr. Caywood Feb 6, 2013 -  Dkt 42-97)  



Late Monday afternoon I was removed as chair by the provost.”  (Dr. Tom Caywood – July 10, 2013 - Dkt 37-9)



I understand that Tom Caywood has communicated with you this morning about his decision to step away from being chair of the Criminal Justice department.”  (Dean Elisabeth Throop – July 10, 2013 - Dkt 37-9)



I will agree that an election should have been held in the summer before opting for an external candidate. I actually did not expect that Caywood would step down; I was very hopeful that he would have been willing to acquire the management skills necessary to allow the department to run at a minimally acceptable level.”   (Dean Elizabeth Throop  Dkt 42-82)




Cancelled Class Incident


Sworn Deposition:  Dr. Rice told me that two students had told her that Dr. Burton had canceled the last day of class in the fall semester to fly to Germany to see her ailing mother.”   (Throop deposition 10-28-15pg 14 lines 22-25)  (Note:  Deb Rice does not have a PhD so Dean Throop should not have referred to her as “Dr.”)



Sworn Deposition:  Question by interviewer: “So, if Dean Throop testified, if she testified that you had provided information that two students had complained that Burton had canceled classes, that testimony would be false, in your opinion?  Answer by Deb Rice: “That's correct. Because I did not say that she canceled classes.”  (Rice deposition Nov 17, 2015 -  pg 15 lines 11-17)


I didn't know we needed to get permission from the chair to cancel a class.”  (Rice deposition Nov 17, 2015 -  pg 21 lines 12-13)


It has come to my attention that you cancelled classes last Friday, the last day of classes, so that you could travel to Germany. You did not obtain permission from your chair for this absence; indeed, you did not even inform him that you would be gone. You are in violation of UW Platteville's Employee Handbook … I will be forced to pursue disciplinary measures as a result.”   (Dean Elizabeth Throop – Dec 16, 2014 - Dkt 41-42)



Sworn Deposition:  Question by interviewer: “Do you believe that you owe Dr. Burton an apology for falsely accusing her of canceling a class?   Answer by Dean Throop:  I think I do.”  (Throop deposition 10-28-15pg 124 lines 21-23)  




About Gag-Orders


..ignore..NO email trails!” (Dr. Cheryl Fuller – in an email to Dr. Dalecki concerning Dr. Burton -  Ignore-no-email-Trails)



Mike (Dr. Dalecki) had had numerous conversations with students on many occasions about me and my teaching. And I don't know what was said in them, but the impression that I got was, he -- I don't know if he liked the attention. I don't know what it was. Mike took a very interesting liking to me. He was very attentive to me, I think, largely because I also come from a big research background. And Mike saw that he and I were close in terms of both being willing to teach research methods. He also taught in the department. And Mike was very, very, very heavily involved in what I did, every decision, almost every decision that I made in the fall semester when I first started here. And he very heavily cautioned me about what to do in a classroom. He was very specific about what he did not want to see me or any other faculty member do.”   (Dr. Valerie Stackman was originally Dr. Burton’s Mentee but Dr. Dalecki took over that task to keep her from talking to Dr. Burton.  -  Stackman sworn deposition Nov 16, 2015pg 42-43)



I want to caution you, that uh, first of all, um to be very very careful what you pass on to other people. uh  Silence is usually golden.  And um It’s hard sometimes to see that there’s much benefit in um, in acting as a conduit for anybody or for anything. Cause in the long run, that stuff, it will come back and will ultimately to haunt you either in terms of people will no longer include you, or, uh, or who knows what.”  (Dr. Mike Dalecki talking to a grad student in Dalecki’s office - 15 minute talk -  A28b-Dalecki-Jacobus-excerpts,    ,    A28b-Transcpt-e-excerpts)



Talking to Dr. Burton: “(Dr. Caywood) doesn’t need to answer your questions.  You would like him to answer your questions, but he doesn’t need to.”  “he could totally ignore everything that you send him from now till you both retire.” “He can continue to ignore you forever.”  (Former HR director Jeanne DurrA2 - Meet - Jeanne Durr - 2-7-13)






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