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I no longer feel safe attending this University… I would highly suggest transferring to another University… many students feel the exact way I do”A Disappointed Student, in an email to Chancellor Shields. 


UW-Platteville Chancellor Dennis Shields suspended Dr. Sabina Burton, advocate for student rights, banned her from campus and is trying to fire her.   Shields wrote in his charges against Sabina: You have publicly misrepresented the facts of a 2012 alleged sexual harassment incident to students (as exemplified by the “disappointed student” email.)”   Dr. Burton tells the true story of sexual harassment and cover up with hard facts and evidence: (TheSolicitousNote).   Chancellor Shields is trying to fire Dr. Burton BECAUSE she advocated for a student who complained of sexual harassment and because she asked to be treated fairly (Rebuttal to Statement of Charges/Suspension).   If you think Sabina should keep her job, please forward this to two people right away.  Time is running out for Dr. Burton.



“I love teaching.  There are so many good people at UW Platteville; faculty, staff and students.  They deserve protection from the few bad apples.” - Dr. Sabina Burton      





Exposed in the pages of UniversityCorruption.com:

·         How crime is covered up in UW Platteville while whistleblowers are silenced

·         How student victims of sexual harassment and sexual violence, and their advocates, are silenced

·         Details of cover ups by administrators, legal professionals and employees; and how they are rewarded/protected

·         Large scale Fraud, Waste, and Abuse,

·         Dr. Sabina Burton’s heroic struggle for student safety, free speech and tenure protections

·         Who the “bad apples” are

·         Much more…



Appeal Hearing during Fall Semester?


There will likely be another hearing some-time during the Fall semester but the date is unsure.  The public is invited to this important hearing.  Check back for the date and time and location or; Send me an email to let me know you want to attend and I’ll send you the info.  rogerburton@plattevillerealestate.net.  


The Kangaroo Hearing of 5/25/17 – LIES

At the kangaroo hearing, which Sabina could not attend, the administration presented witnesses who lied to the kangaroo panel (Hearing-5-25-17-Rebuttal):


LIE:  Chancellor Shields said “She, (Dr. Burton) as I said, misrepresented the breach experiment in order to frighten students, and some students even suggested that she was using her class time to discuss these kinds of concerns.”  

Sabina did not misrepresent a “breach experiment” because it was not a “breach experiment.” It was “sexual harassment” and Dr. Burton represented it accurately (TheSolicitousNote).  

We are not exposing corruption to frighten students. You don’t say to a child “look both ways before crossing or you might get squashed flatter than a pancake” to frighten them but to keep them from being hit by a car.  If they don’t know to look out for the danger they are more at risk.   We are sharing Sabina’s story to try to make students safer by educating people on the dangers they face.  Any faculty member who advocates to protect students right to be free of sexual harassment or sexual violence can expect to be retaliated against.  They can expect to have their career ruined and their reputations destroyed.  They can expect Chancellor Shields to lie to them and about them.  Who will advocate for students in this environment?  Sabina will.  She is my personal hero.

Sabina’s former students confirm that Sabina didn’t talk about her disputes with the administration in class (Burton-no-speak-in-class).  If you were in Sabina’s class and would like to add your verification that Dr. Burton didn’t talk about her disputes during class, please send your statement to rogerburton@plattevillerealestate.net.   If you were in Dr. Burton’s seminar classes, you know the truth.  Share it.



LIE: Dr. Strobl said “I did in late October receive some complaints, so the student -- and I did meet with some students, a handful, who claimed to be representing others, and through other sort of rumors there were complaints that in a seminar class, Dr. Burton was expressing her dissatisfaction with the university.”   Dr. Strobl could not name the students because they are imaginary students. (Burton-no-speak-in-class)   If you were in Sabina’s class and would like to add your verification that she didn’t talk about her disputes during class please send your statement to rogerburton@plattevillerealestate.net.  


Dr. Stroble resigned citing “lack of institutional support” (Stroble_Resigns_11-3-16).



LIE: Dr. Strobl said “She (Dr. Burton) was in the fall of 2016 engaged in routinely, on a daily basis, name calling and bullying, using various social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.”   Dr. Strobl was not able to give any examples of Dr. Burton’s alleged “bullying.”  That is because Dr. Strobl lied.



LIE:  Dr Fuller said:Everybody in the department was professionally threatened.  And several people,  know exactly four, who are physically – felt physically threatened.  Two-thirds of our department, since she's been here, have been threatened personally or physically.  I would say ten percent of the university campus has been personally attacked.  Ten percent of people at this university, if not more, have been personally or professionally attacked. It was so dysfunctional, I can't even imagine Dr. Burton coming back.  A kangaroo panel member asked Dr. Fuller “can you explain to us how people were physically individually threatened?... Do you have examples? 

Dr. Fuller responded: “they were scared.  Dr. Burton's  behavior was erratic, threatening.  E-mails every day; everybody got e-mails every day, coming in daily.  If you weren't copied on something, you were contacted directly.  It was a fear of her husband.  It was a fear of not wanting to be in the area.  Just -- and I'm not sure exactly why they felt fearful, if it was -- I can't tell you.

Dr. Fuller could come up with no examples.  She could not explain why people were scared.  She had absolutely no emails to share with the kangaroo panel to support her claims; because there were none.  She was lying about all of this.  She seems to be terrified of the truth.  She was trying to convince the kangaroo panel to fire Sabina and she didn’t have anything truthful to make that happen, so she lied. 


LIE:  Dr. Strobl said “I was scared.  I know a lot about, unfortunately, active shooters.  I know a lot about workplace violence.  It's something I studied in graduate school.  It's something I keep abreast of as part of my intellectual interest.  And I saw somebody -- and a husband of somebody, to be completely frank, Roger Burton, who fits the profile of somebody who eventually snaps in a really violent way in the workplace, and for me it had to do with the escalation and the verbal animosity.”


I’m Roger Burton, and I’m not anywhere near snapping.  Dr. Strobl tried to convince the kangaroo panel that I am going to do something crazy but that’s nuts.  I have not exhibited any threat of physical violence.   I’m outraged, and I think that comes across in my writings.  Who wouldn’t be if someone lies like this to get your wife fired?  I’m also very controlled.  I was a Marine fighter pilot and I served in the Gulf War. I risked my life over there to protect American interests and for the liberation of a country I’d never been to.  I joined the Marines to protect our freedoms as Americans.  Chancellor Shields and Attorney Lattis have been trying to stifle Sabina’s rights since 2013.   

If Sabina loses her job she will find another job.  That’s not the big a deal to me.  I am fighting for students’ safety.  I am fighting for my own daughters’ safety.  That’s a big deal to me. I oppose corruption in hopes that I can make a small dent in it and protect innocent people from corrupt administrators.   I am fighting corruption with its most potent virus, transparency, and hoping that someone will finally hold corrupt administrators and corrupt attorneys accountable for their misdeeds.  I don’t want to harm anyone.  I want the UW Platteville administration to stop harming my wife, her fellow employees and students.


I don’t feel safe.  Dr. Patrick Solar threatened my wife and me.  He said that there would be “consequences of (his) choosing” because I refused to remove true statements about him from my website (Solar-Threat).  Pat’s buddy, campus police chief Joe Hallman, paid my wife a “visit” to intimidate her and get her to stop fighting corruption.   Ironically Pat Solar claims that Sabina has been bullying him.  He is a 6’ 190 lb retired police chief and Sabina is 5’4” 125 lbs.  He is like the bully on the Simpsons who tells the little skinny kid “stop hitting yourself.” 


Dr. Mike Dalecki threatened my wife.  He told her about how he used to bring a gun to school to protect himself from a “crazy woman.”  He showed Sabina how his office had a clear line of fire down the hall where her office was.  He pointed his finger at her and let his thumb fall, as a pistol hammer falls on a firing pin.  Yea, I’m worried for our safety. Just like I’m worried for students’ safety in this environment.  I’m also worried about Sabina’s stress related health issues.  Something needs to be done about the corrupt administrators and corrupt attorneys who couldn’t care less about our children’s well-being.


Dr. Mike Dalecki threatens a graduate student


In Nov 2014 Deb Rice told a graduate student that Dr. Burton was mentally ill and spread other false rumors.  The graduate student told Dr. Burton about the rumors he had heard.  Dr. Burton complained about Deb Rice’s rumors to Dr. Dalecki.  Instead of disciplining Rice, Dr. Dalecki called in the graduate student for a talk.  The graduate student audio recorded the meeting and here it is: (Dalecki-threatens-grad-student).  The administration claims that Dr. Dalecki was “mentoring” the graduate student.  If you think he “threatened” the grad-student please forward this to two people.




Case #1   Dr. Burton’s first case (2012-2014) was dismissed in summary judgment.  It may be old news but the verdict was not fair.  Sabina’s union attorney Tim Hawks sabotaged the case by excluding key information in the briefings and failed to dispute false information provided by the defense. 












Dr. Burton asked Governor Walker for help but received none.  In fact, her request may have been the reason her former attorney, Tim Hawks, sabotaged her first case.



Case #2 – Sabina filed a second lawsuit on Jan 17, 2017.  This case complains that Sabina’s due process rights were violated.  She asked for grievance hearings but her requests were denied, in violation of law and policy.  Her due process rights were violated because she helped a student report an incident of sexual harassment and complained of retaliation.  


Case #3 – Sabina expects to file a third lawsuit, or amend the second suit, concerning Chancellor Dennis Shields’ decision to suspend her, ban her from campus and process her for dismissal because she is speaking out about corruption and exercising her right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. 




If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. -   Heather Heyer




UW Platteville Kangaroo Court proceeds without Appellant


UW Platteville kangaroo hearing panel chair Dr. Susan Hansen, decided to hold a hearing session on May 25, 2017, even though Dr. Sabina Burton, who requested the appeal hearing, was absent due to severe illness.  I informed them of Sabina’s illness in person that morning.   Attorney Jennifer Sloan Lattis claimed that Sabina had “waived” her right to a hearing but Sabina did not waive any of her rights.  The kangaroo panel heard many lies from the “witnesses” and Hansen deprived Sabina of the right to cross-examine and confront them.  Dr. Burton had previously filed complaints against each of the “witnesses” so they all have motive to lie against her.  Dr. Susan Hansen gave them opportunity to lie to the kangaroo panel without Dr. Burton having opportunity to cross-examine them.

Kangaroos, Animal, Kangaroo, Hop

Why would Dr. Hansen violate UWS 4.05?  Could she be in the administration’s pocket?  Maybe Dr. Hansen should step down from her position.  Maybe she should read the policies dealing with the position she holds.  Maybe she should rely on advice from Attorney Brian Vaughan, who was assigned to advise her. Maybe she did.  Maybe she should stop listening to Attorney Lattis, who represents Chancellor Shields and is the subject of an ethics complaint by Dr. Burton.  


The kangaroo panel heard many lies that were way outside the scope of the investigation and the charges against Dr. Burton.  They really should be replaced by a completely new panel.


Sabina’s illness is a result of the stress she is under and the stress is a result of the unfair treatment she has been receiving.  A fair hearing wouldn’t stress her much, because she has truth on her side, but the university has done much to add stress and deny her a fair hearing.   Lies, forged investigation reports, violations of policy and law, denials of reasonable accommodation requests, disappearing witnesses, ignored requests, suspension, banishment from campus and the university’s “spin” have all added to Sabina’s stress. 


This photo was taken on 6-12-17 just prior to Sabina’s endoscopy which revealed that her severe ulcers are still a life-threatening problem.  The administration was aware of her condition but continued to pressure her unnecessarily. 


I believe the administration violated policy by selecting their own hand-picked panel members and chair.     When confronted with this matter the administration changed their story about how the panel was “selected.”   The former special panel chair, who was removed from the position and replaced by Dr. Susan Hansen, informed the Platteville Journal that Chancellor Shields had already dismissed Dr. Burton.   But the Chancellor doesn’t have authority to dismiss Dr. Burton.  He didn’t dismiss Dr. Burton.   He suspended Sabina for invalid reason.  He also banned Sabina from campus.  This seems to be a violation of Sabina’s First Amendment rights.   The Platteville Journal does not seem to have published the hearing notice.   Are they in cahoots with the university administration in keeping the issue quiet?  I asked the editor why the notice was not published but I received no response from him.  The Journal seems to be afraid of the UW-Platteville administration.   Hey, Platteville Journal!  This is news!  Write about it!


The administration pushed to give Sabina a one half-day hearing in July to address the numerous and false accusations against her.  Sabina was too sick to do the hearing in July.  She has surgery scheduled in late August and will need time to recover.   Policy allows deliberations could take several months to complete.  But it seems the administration wants to get Dr. Burton fired quickly and quietly without giving her fair due process.   They seem hell bent on getting this all wrapped up before school starts without giving Sabina adequate opportunity to address the issues.  They seem to be trying to run Sabina and I out of money and to stress us until we give up or die.  They seem to want Sabina’s ulcers to explode.  Chancellor Shields and Attorney Jennifer Sloan Lattis have been particularly terrible about the harassment they have rained down on Sabina over the past five years.  Corruption is abuse of entrusted power.  It seems to me that Chancellor Shields and Attorney Lattis are both extremely corrupt.   They can’t afford to allow Sabina to speak in a fair hearing because their malicious lies and absurd and false accusations will fall like a line of dominoes set up one after another for five years.   Chancellor Dennis Shields should be fired.  Attorney Jennifer Sloan Lattis should lose her license to practice law.  Sabina and I have exposed very good reason why this should happen.  If they give Sabina a fair hearing they will probably lose their own jobs!  That is why they are violating laws and asking others, like Dr. Susan Hansen, to violate laws for them.  They have been very good about standing behind others to keep their own liability minimized.  But they are getting sloppy.


If the administration is allowed to continue their Kangaroo Court:


– Sabina will be fired on Bogus and False charges!

– Tenure is meaningless!

– Students will be without advocacy!


Good people need to put pressure on the UW Platteville administration to allow Dr. Burton to address all the false charges against her in a fair series of hearing sessions that are all open to the public.  Any reasonable and unbiased jury would understand that the charges against Sabina are bogus and fabricated if they get the whole story.   Good people need to attend the hearings to learn how corruption is killing UW Platteville like a cancerous ulcer.



Will the intense pressure from the administration cause the five-member special hearing panel, which was hand-picked by Dr. Laura Anderson, to decide in favor of corruption?  The special panel may need some encouragement, from the media, politicians, other faculty members and concerned citizens to do the right thing. 


The kangaroo panel members are:

-          Dr. Susan Hansen, - Chair is responsible for conduct of the hearings  under (UWS 3.08) and (UW Platteville Policies/Procedures)

-          Dr. Abulkhair Massoom,

-          Dr. Barbara Barnet,

-          Dr. Sheryl Wills

-          Dr. Richard Bockhop


These panel members do not form a “kangaroo” panel because they are not good enough.  I refer to the panel as a “kangaroo panel” because policy was violated in forming it.  Therefore, the kangaroo panel does not have the authority that a legitimately selected panel would have. 


The panel members are probably afraid that their own jobs are in jeopardy if they don’t do what the administration demands of them (quietly and quickly recommend Dr. Burton’s dismissal).   The irony is that the special panel should be afraid that their jobs are in jeopardy if they follow the administration’s demands.   If the panel allows the administration to deprive Dr. Burton of her due process rights, and the rights guaranteed by tenure, they will be setting a precedent that effectively voids everyone’s tenure, including their own.  They would be shouting to other faculty members that standing up for student rights, and for your own rights, will result in your own termination.  They would be telling students that their rights are not protected.  They would be advocating for corruption.   They would be stifling academic freedom.



These five special hearing panel members have:

- the opportunity to benefit from corruption if Sabina loses;

- the threat of suffering from corruption if they do the right thing;

- the moral obligation to oppose corruption


I hope they realize that:

-          benefiting from corruption carries its own risks;

-          threat of suffering from corruption is dispelled when good people stand arm in arm against it;

-          by opposing corruption, the threat of suffering from it will diminish for all.








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