“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.”  Mahatma Gandhi  


Hearing Today 5-26-17 -– Sabina got sick from stress because the administration is not following its own rules.  She went to the Doctor’s office again.       


We expect the university will continue with the “hearings” without Sabina even being present.  No telling how many laws and policies that violates.


It’s a kangaroo court. 


On 5-25-17 I informed Atty Vaughan, Atty Lattis, Chancellor Shields and Susan Hansen that Sabina would not be able to attend because of her stress related illness.


On 5-26-17 I notified Susan Hansen that Sabina would not be able to attend the “hearing” because of her illness and that she had gone to the doctor’s office for treatment. 


Sabina’s illness is a result of all of the stress she is under and the stress is a result of the unfair treatment she is receiving.  The university has done everything it can to add stress and has given Sabina no slack for her condition.  


Atty Lattis said that they would process the appeal as though Sabina had “waived” her right to a hearing.  I told her that Sabina is not waiving her rights but they will likely go ahead and process her as though she has.  Sabina is stressed out by all the lies and violations of policy and law and so am I.



UW Platteville Chancellor Shields suspended Dr. Sabina Burton and threatens her dismissal on false charges – Because she asked Governor Walker for help, because she aided a student and because she speaks out against Corruption.




Check for updates. 


Find out:

-         how sexual harassment is covered up at UW Platteville,

-         how the UW Platteville administration violates policy and law and wastes student tuition money on witch-hunts against student advocates,

-         why our kids are not safe in the current environment at UW Platteville,

-         how policies are violated

-         how the union turned on Sabina because she contacted Gov Walker

-         who needs to be held accountable to get rid of the corruption and make our campus safe again.

-         How much the UW Platteville administration and Attorney Jennifer Sloan Lattis LIES.

-         How tenure does not protect us


Background on suspension and dismissal charges:

Rebuttal to Statement of Charges/Suspension, etc. 



News Articles  -  This series of articles gives a good background of the issues.


News media:  Please help us spread this hearing schedule information, come to the hearings and report on this important issue.





“I no longer feel safe attending this University… I would highly suggest transferring to another University… many students feel the exact way I do.”A Disappointed Student 

(UW-Platteville Chancellor Dennis Shields suspended Dr. Sabina Burton and considers dismissing her because, among other bogus reasons, a student sent him this email.) (Chancellor Shields’ Commencement speech 2017 is hypocritical and should infuriate students)





Exposed in the pages of

·         How crime is covered up in UW Platteville while whistleblowers are silenced

·         How UW System Attorney Jennifer Sloan Lattis violates laws and policies in her vendetta against Sabina

·         How student victims of sexual harassment and sexual violence, and their advocates, are silenced

·         Details of cover ups by administrators, legal professionals and employees; and how they are rewarded/protected

·         Large scale Fraud, Waste and Abuse

·         Dr. Sabina Burton’s heroic struggle for the safety of university students, free speech and tenure protection

·         How the union’s attorney, Tim Hawks, turned against Sabina for contacting Gov Walker.

·         Much more…


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About Dr. Sabina Burton, more about Sabina Burton, more still about Sabina.      

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Sabina’s Blog – Get updates from Sabina herself.



Timeline - Public   Chronological listing of events  


Audio/Video Files   -   Listen to these files to get a sense of what Dr. Burton is up against.


Short Stories   A compilation of facts that tell stories of sexual harassment, retaliation, discrimination, deception, conflicts of interest, abuse of power, betrayal, cover-ups, gag-orders, policy manipulation, perjury, misapplication of laws, purposeful misinterpretation of laws, fraud, waste and abuse, forgery, false accusations, power struggles, bullying, cyber-crime, physical threats, mental games, bribery, bending the law, threats against students and other forms of corruption.


Case #1   Dr. Burton’s first case (2012-2014) was dismissed in summary judgment.  It may be old news but the verdict was not fair.  Sabina’s union attorney Tim Hawks sabotaged the case by excluding key information in the briefings and failed to dispute false information provided by the defense.  You can be the court of public opinion.


Case #2 – Sabina filed a second lawsuit on Jan 17, 2017.  This case complains that Sabina’s due process rights were violated.  She asked for grievance hearings but her requests were denied, in violation of law and policy.  Her due process rights were violated because she helped a student report an incident of sexual harassment and complained of retaliation.   We will need $1,000 per month to pursue this case plus court expenses.  Please Donate to Sabina’s fight for all our due process rights!  We need your help to protect advocates of student rights.


Case #3 – Sabina expects to file a third lawsuit concerning Chancellor Dennis Shields’ decision to suspend her and process her for dismissal based on charges that she is speaking out about corruption and exercising her right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.  Please Donate to help Sabina fight for our First Amendment Rights! 


Fighting for Sabina to keep her job – We have contracted with an attorney to help Sabina keep her job. She is good, but she doesn’t work for free.    Please Donate to help Sabina keep her job!   UW Platteville students need an advocate.  If Sabina gets fired, who will speak up for future victims of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence?   I’m sorry folks, I just teared up a bit.  I have two daughters in college.  One of them goes to UW Platteville.  We are fighting for the tenure protections of academic freedom to be honored.  If they can fire Sabina this way they can fire any tenured faculty member.  Anyone could be their next target.  They don’t need a reason to fire you. 



Questions   A list of questions that might be useful in holding the UW-Platteville administration accountable for making some needed changes.   If you have any questions for me send them to  Questions for Sabina:


Quotes   A list of quotes from various people showing lies and deception.



Support    What support does Dr. Burton have?  What can you do to support her?