“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.”  Mahatma Gandhi  





Breaking News:   Dr. Sabina Burton asks for an OPEN hearing to address charges against her.


Find out what has been going on at UW Platteville by attending the hearing against Dr. Burton:   According to UWS 4.04 the university is required to hold this hearing not later than 20 days after the request.  Dr. Burton made the request on 4/19/17 so the university should hold the hearing by 5/9/17.  (They can extend by mutual consent or by order of the hearing committee). I will post the date and time of the hearing on this website and Dr. Burton will post it on her Facebook page once a date and time have been set.  The university is required by the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law to advertise the hearing in either the Platteville Journal or the student newspaper the Exponent but don’t hold your breath waiting for the ad to appear.  The UW Platteville administration has failed to advertise grievance hearings and I don’t expect them to start obeying the law now; they have too much to hide.  Ironically the complaint against Dr. Burton includes the false allegation that she violated the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law.  It is just one of the laws the administration abuses against advocates of student rights like Dr. Burton while ignoring how the law applies to themselves.   Please come to the hearing and show your support for student rights.  Please spread this news.   


Rebuttals to the numerous false, changing, inconsistent, vague and misleading charges and investigation reports against Dr. Burton.


Homework assignment:  Who wrote the very biased “Roter report?”   Dr. Roter either wrote the Roter report or she allowed it to be edited by a third person and submitted as her work. Either way something smells fishy.   Dr. Roter’s phone number and email address are: (608) 262-4337,  


Extra credit:  Should Dr. Petra Roter be allowed to be the co-chair of the Task force to Strengthen Efforts to Address Sexual Violence and Harassment on Campus?   Can students feel safe when the person who co-chairs this important Task Force is willing to write or acquiesce to this biased investigation report poised to fire a vocal advocate for student rights?    Shouldn’t Dr. Roter come clean and either fix the misrepresentations in the report or verify that someone else edited her report after she submitted it?  Shouldn’t she do this before the hearing that threatens Dr. Burton’s employment?    Dr. Roter’s phone number and email address are: (608) 262-4337,  



9.03.    CAUSE FOR DISMISSAL. (See UWS 4.01.) 
No faculty member shall be subject to dismissal except for just cause, based upon a determination that the faculty member’s conduct directly and substantially affects adversely, to a degree greater than that reserved for disciplinary action, the ability to carry out satisfactorily his/her responsibilities to the university. Examples of conduct that may warrant dismissal include, but are not limited to, fraud or intentional misrepresentation of facts for personal benefit, gross abuse of authority or influence (e.g.,discriminatory or retaliatory actions, particularly where a pattern is evident), or willful and protracted violations of university rules or policies. Layoff and termination for reasons of financial emergency are not dismissals for cause, and such actions are taken pursuant to Chapter 10 of these rules.



Dr. Burton is the wrong person to fire.   This website is full of examples and evidence of others in the university violating policy and law but the administration targeted Sabina because she is trying to protect students and advocates of student rights. She has not violated any university policies, rules or laws.  She has not misrepresented any facts.  Any authority she had was taken away from her long ago.   She has not retaliated or discriminated against anyone but she has been the target of severe discrimination and retaliation.   Sabina and I could swallow our pride, get a job in another city and move away but where would that leave students and future victims of the UW Platteville discrimination machine?   It is time to do something about this corruption problem we have in Platteville.  Sabina needs your help.  Show up at the hearing.   Let’s fix this mess together.




“I no longer feel safe attending this University… I would highly suggest transferring to another University… many students feel the exact way I do.”A Disappointed Student 

(UW-Platteville Chancellor Dennis Shields suspended Dr. Sabina Burton and considers dismissing her because, among other bogus reasons, a student sent him this email.)






·         How crime is covered up in UW Platteville’s Criminal Justice Program

·         How student victims of sexual harassment and sexual violence, and their advocates, are silenced

·         Shady actions by attorneys with questionable ethics

·         Details of cover ups by administrators, legal professionals and employees; and how they are rewarded/protected

·         Dr. Sabina Burton’s heroic struggle for the safety of university students

·         Much more…


Donate to Sabina’s fight against corruption in the UW Platteville Criminal Justice department and her advocacy for students’ rights.


About Dr. Sabina Burton, more about Sabina Burton, more still about Sabina.      

My hero, Dr. Sabina Burton  -------->


Sabina’s Blog – Get updates from Sabina herself.


News Articles  -  A series of articles uncovering corruption at UW Platteville Criminal Justice Program.


Timeline - Public   Chronological listing of events  


Audio/Video Files   -   Listen to these files to get a sense of what Dr. Burton is up against.


Short Stories   A compilation of facts that tell stories of sexual harassment, retaliation, discrimination, deception, conflicts of interest, abuse of power, betrayal, cover-ups, gag-orders, policy manipulation, perjury, misapplication of laws, purposeful misinterpretation of laws, fraud, waste and abuse, forgery, false accusations, power struggles, bullying, cyber-crime, physical threats, mental games, bribery, bending the law, threats against students and other forms of corruption.


Case #1   Dr. Burton’s first case was dismissed in summary judgment by Judge Peterson.  Summary Judgment, when granted, takes away the non-moving party’s (Sabina Burton’s) chance to be heard before an impartial jury.  We paid attorney Tim Hawks around $200,000 (which happens to be the amount we told him on day one that we could afford to spend) and he didn’t even get this solid case into a courtroom.   We believe Tim Hawks sabotaged Sabina’s case and we have evidence to back this up.   Was he paid to take a dive?  Was he threatened?  Is he suffering from medical issues that limit his ability to practice law?  Did he do it for political reasons? I think he sabotaged Sabina’s case, in large part, because Sabina asked the Governor for help.  I believe Hawks misrepresented Sabina, a union member.  I think Tim Hawks should be immediately fired by the AFT union as their legal representative.  Why has the union in Wisconsin been losing so much political clout in recent decades?  Maybe it’s because Tim Hawks has been representing them since the 1980s. Maybe it is because Tim Hawks has his own hidden agendas.


Sabina appealed Judge Peterson’s decision to dismiss her case on summary judgment adding evidence and arguments that her former attorney, Tim Hawks failed to provide even though Sabina had provided the arguments and evidence to him.  The appellate court upheld the dismissal on 3/17/17 and seems to lay blame for the dismissal on the failures of Sabina’s former attorneys. (Audio of oral arguments in appeal), (Appeal-Dkt40-Decision).   


The appellate court ruled that they could not consider the evidence that had not already been presented in the documents her attorney, Tim Hawks, submitted.  Tim Hawks didn’t even let Sabina see documents before he submitted them to the court in Sabina’s name and he failed to use the arguments and evidence Sabina told him to use. Yes, we have evidence of this.  Tim Hawks gave Dr. Burton bad legal advice and refused to help Sabina file a request for reconsideration because it would be “embarrassing” and because he feared “sanctions.”  Yes, we have evidence of this.   Tim Hawks seems to have sabotaged Dr. Burton’s case #1 quite effectively.  The appellate court upheld Judge Peterson’s decision to dismiss the case before it ever got to a jury.  


So, I’m asking you, the court of public opinion, to be the jury on Case #1. 


If you decide Sabina was right, and deserves resolution and support, please donate to her ongoing struggles and pass this website on to others; if you decide she was wrong then do nothing to help her.  


Please read through the files on this website, or go to the court’s official site,  Pay particular attention to court documents (Dkt 98 through 103 – Request for Reconsideration) and (Appeal - Dkt 1 through 41) as these were submitted after Attorney Tim Hawks dropped Sabina like a hot potato on 4/1/16.   Sabina approved all these documents before they were submitted. In fact, Sabina and I wrote and filed Dockets 98 through 103 ourselves without an attorney because our former attorney dropped us with only 18 days before the deadline.  The appellate court did not even consider these documents as explained in (Appeal-Dkt40-Decision).    But you are a member of the court of public opinion.  Arguably, the highest court in the land.  You are not bound by the court’s decision to ignore these material and pertinent appeals for justice.  You can look at the whole truth without the filter of unethical attorneys.


I can compare the appeal outcome to the frustration that police and DA experience when a criminal goes free because of technicalities. That is how I feel.  It is not a win for our students, quite the opposite.”  -  Sabina Burton – 3-22-17


It's pretty apparent in retrospect that you got shafted by your trial counsel. – Kimberly Penix -3-21-17, Attorney specializing in appeals and familiar with Sabina’s case.  (AppealDecision-malpractice)


If you determine that Sabina should continue her fight against corruption, please donate.   We have a lot of fight left in us but we need support.  We can’t continue this battle alone. 


Please contact me if you know of any good attorneys who would be willing to help us (preferably on contingency) to sue attorney Hawks for misrepresentation.  We would like to get our legal fees from Case #1 reimbursed to help fund our follow on legal battles. 


Case #2 – Sabina filed a second lawsuit on Jan 17, 2017.  This case complains that Sabina’s due process rights were violated.  She asked for grievance hearings but her requests were denied, in violation of law and policy.  Her due process rights were violated because she helped a student report an incident of sexual harassment and complained of retaliation.   We will need $1,000 per month to pursue this case plus court expenses.  Please Donate to Sabina’s fight for all our due process rights!  We need your help to protect advocates of student rights.


Case #3 – Sabina expects to file a third lawsuit concerning Chancellor Dennis Shields’ decision to suspend her and process her for dismissal based on charges that she is speaking out about corruption and exercising her right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.  Please Donate to help Sabina fight for our First Amendment Rights! 


Fighting for Sabina to keep her job – We have contracted with an attorney to help Sabina keep her job. She is good, but she doesn’t work for free.    Please Donate to help Sabina keep her job!   UW Platteville students need an advocate.  If Sabina gets fired, who will speak up for future victims of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence?   I’m sorry folks, I just teared up a bit.  I have two daughters in college.  One of them goes to UW Platteville.



Questions   A list of questions that might be useful in holding the UW-Platteville administration accountable for making some needed changes.   If you have any questions for me send them to  Questions for Sabina:


Support    What support does Dr. Burton have?  What can you do to support her? 
 (and .org) is maintained by Roger Burton


Hi, I’m Roger Burton.  My wife, Sabina Burton, has survived severe retaliation, discrimination and harassment for almost five years. The UW Platteville administration tried to make her so miserable that she would quit but she stayed because she loves and cares about the students of UW Platteville.   She is now, for the third time, threatened with dismissal from her position as a tenured faculty member of UW Platteville’s Criminal Justice department. 


One of the reasons she was suspended with threat of dismissal was that she allegedly disclosed “personal, confidential employment information about her colleagues contrary to university ethics practices” on


So, I took most of the website down and am trying to be careful as I post new material.   I don’t want to compromise anyone’s confidentiality or violate any laws.  I don’t want to unnecessarily expose people to retaliation by the university.


I believe I am protected by the first amendment of the constitution for posting the information I have posted but I am trying to avoid even the appearance of wrongdoing.  If anyone points out to me any factually inaccurate statements I have made, or any confidential material I have posted, I will consider apologizing for, recanting, revising and/or removing that material.


As of 3/22/17 nobody has pointed out to me any factual inaccuracies in my website. 


As of 3/22/17 nobody has pointed out to me any material they feel to be confidential, with exception of the complaint that got my wife suspended (Rebuttal-Throop-Gormley-complaint-12-16-16), (Chancellor-Suspends-Burton-1-3-17), (Chancellor-Suspends-Burton-1-3-17-Rebuttal )-combine-(Rebuttal-Shields Suspension-1-4-17),  (RoterReport),  (Rebuttal-RoterReport3-4-17).


As of 3/22/17 nobody has asked me or my wife to remove any specific material from the website, including the audios mentioned in the complaint that got Sabina suspended.   Doesn’t it seem odd that the administration suspends Sabina for allegedly publicizing confidential material but they don’t even ask her or me to remove said material from the website?


Someone, not me, permanently archived   If the UW-Platteville administration or its attorneys ordered this archival they are responsible for permanently preserving any confidential material that may be on it before asking me to remove it.  I intend to remove my website from the internet after Sabina’s case is resolved and students are safe.  I don’t want to harm the school’s reputation.  I want to expose corruption so it can be addressed and cleaned up.  Then the school’s reputation will be allowed to flourish and students and faculty members can walk the campus unafraid.


My wife is being investigated with threat of dismissal.   I am concerned by this because she has been the primary breadwinner in our family.  If she gets fired we’ll be in a pinch.  


Sabina has been a vocal advocate for students’ rights.   I believe that 1) Sabina helped a student with a sexual harassment incident and for that she received retaliation, 2) She complained about the retaliation and she received retaliation for her complaints 3) Her due process rights were violated repeatedly 4) now she is under threat of termination, ultimately because; she helped a student report a sexual harassment incident.  


Sabina asked for investigations into wrongdoing at the school but her requests for investigations were ignored, delayed and denied.


I think someone should be investigating Sabina’s allegations to determine how to keep corrupt people from intimidating students, and their advocates, into silence.  I think we should be holding corrupt administrators accountable.  


Some people may be wondering why Sabina and I went public with her story.  


We believe students are not safe as long as faculty members who help them report complaints are targeted for constructive termination for their advocacy.  We hope exposure of Sabina’s story can provide some degree of protection for students and their advocates.   


We want to counter the lies that have been told about Sabina.   Dr. Dalecki has intimidated people for sharing information with Sabina.      Then-dean Throop said, under oath, that Deb Rice falsely accused Sabina of cancelling class but Rice, also under oath, claims she didn’t. How can we counter these lies, and so many others, when there is a gag-order on Sabina and everybody in her department is afraid to talk to her?   Now she is barred from even visiting campus without express permission.  Sabina will need to get permission to attend our daughter’s graduation ceremony in June 2017.


UW-Platteville has a lot of potential.  There are good people here but they are being targeted one at a time for constructive termination allowing underqualified and corrupt instructors to elevate to positions of power and influence.   Students suffer because they learn from the bottom feeders.  This hurts students as they compete with better trained graduates from other schools.   The answer to this problem is not to keep the problem hidden or to leave for greener pastures but to fix the problem.  It cannot be fixed without exposure.  UW-Platteville’s festering wound was inflicted long ago and it has not received healing care.  Removing an old dirty covering from a coagulated, puss-filled and dried out wound can be painful and addressing corruption can hurt too but the bandage must be replaced.


Some may be worried about the impact bad press can have on student enrolments, availability of employment and local business revenues.  Our hearts go out to any innocent people who may be affected by our actions to expose corruption but the damage has been caused by corruption, not by exposure of it.  Exposure is healing.  Over time cleaning out the decaying flesh will bring incredible benefits to our university and to our city.


Sabina has quietly tried to use the broken UW-Platteville grievance system to address her concerns.  She has quietly tried to bring her complaints before a federal court.  She has quietly asked for investigations into her true and serious allegations of violations of policy and law.   So far her efforts have been unsuccessful for one simple fact:  She has not been heard.


We have come to the conclusion that these matters will not be addressed without publicity.   You may not agree with our decision to go public but remember, this started almost five years ago.  How long should she suffer in silence?



The Price Of Being A Whistleblower

We are writing a book


Welcome to the process of writing a true story about corruption that covers up sexual violence and sexual harassment issues.   It probably covers up a host of other sins we don’t even know about.


I plan to write draft chapters of our book on this website.  I will use truth and documented actual events not only to educate others on the various methods corrupt people use but also to expose actual corrupt activities.   Maybe we are creating a blueprint by which others can fight corruption.   


Sabina’s case touches on several issues that have been in the news lately.  Sexual harassment and sexual violence in universities; Government and university corruption; Police abuse of power.


I believe we, as a society, need to take a hard look at the corruption that runs our universities and threatens our children. 


UW Platteville is, in my opinion, run by terribly corrupt people.   I don’t want to injure UW-Platteville’s reputation, I want to help save it.  Many locals seem to already know that UW Platteville is run by corrupt people.  The skeletons are buried just below the surface so how could they not know?  I want to help bring about change here in Platteville to demonstrate how corruption can be cleaned up.  I want to help UW Platteville become a shining beacon of change that will inspire positive change at other universities across America.   That would be a legacy I would be proud of.


I hope my message will ring a chord with a national audience to fuel a national discussion about university corruption that slut-shames victims of sexual harassment and sexual violence on American campuses and targets proponents of openness and accountability.


If Sabina gets fired, I’ll seriously consider running for political office.  One door closes, another opens.   Maybe I can bring about greater change than I could with just this website.   If you see my name on a ballot, I hope you will vote for me.  I will tirelessly fight against corruption.


I have two daughters in college.  I would do anything to save them.   I would do anything to protect them.   If other fathers feel like I do about their own daughters and sons they just need to know about the dangers their children face and we will see real change.   University Corruption is not something we should accept as “normal” if we care about our kids.


In the coming book about my wife’s troubles I plan to carefully adhere to applicable laws that govern what can be published.   Truth is a defense against charges of defamation but I have recently been informed of laws about confidentiality of information dealing with employment issues.  I want to be sensitive to these laws that are intended to protect the innocent.  I’m not so worried about protecting the guilty.


My book will detail how a corrupt UW Platteville administration misinterprets and misapplies laws, intended to protect employees, to divert attention away from their own corrupt activities.  I want to adhere to the spirit and letter of all laws as I expose what I believe to be severe systemic corruption at UW Platteville.   


I plan to voice my opinion by writing in my book statements like “I think Chancellor Dennis Shields is corrupt.”  I understand that Chancellor Shields will take offense and he will likely use his position of power to harm Sabina.  But, in my opinion, that has been his mindset for the past several years so I don’t expect him to act differently than he would otherwise.  I believe he already hates Sabina because she asked him for help and made it difficult for him to cover up corruption.  Chancellor Dennis Shields will do whatever he can to get rid of Sabina no matter what I do, in my opinion.  Any hatred for Sabina is misplaced.  She is an “inspired” teacher according to Interim Provost Throop.  They are not trying to fire her due to poor performance but because she advocated for a student victim of sexual harassment and is trying to gain fair due process.  Sabina is a wonderful person who cares deeply for her students, for UW Platteville and for the people of Platteville, and so do I.   That is why we stayed.  We want to address this corruption problem instead of running away like so many others before us.


To strengthen the UW System’s capacity to prevent sexual violence and harassment and provide safe classroom, living, and campus environments I believe we should expose and hold accountable the corrupt people who attack victims of sexual harassment/violence and their advocates.   Without accountability the Task force on Sexual Violence and Harassment will be ineffective.   


I truly believe students and employees are not safe at UW Platteville as long as the current administration is in charge.  I’m not saying that to make anyone fearful but to help encourage good people to do something about it.


We need new leadership!  But we can’t afford to allow the new leadership to be selected by corrupt people.


Sabina needs help to clean up this cesspool of corruption!


Get involved.


 Roger Burton











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(Webmaster: Roger Burton)


These web pages contain opinions, facts and notes that we intend one day to use to write a book on my wife’s ordeal.  I publish this information to help increase awareness of my wife’s challenges in her struggle against the UW-Platteville administration, the UW Regents and her own former attorneys.  If you find any inaccuracies, mistakes, omissions or errors please let me know so I can correct them (  I strive for truthfulness, accuracy and completeness and to document each material statement presented as fact.


Most pages of the website are written in the voice of Roger Burton (unless they are unfinished) and the timeline is written by Roger Burton in the voice of Sabina Burton.  My wife, Sabina, and I plan to use the information in these web pages to write a book about corruption.  We may also co-write a textbook on the subject using the lessons we have learned these past four years (including names of course).  I think we deserve at least a Bachelor’s degree in “white collar crime” but I don’t think that is something UW Platteville will gladly bestow upon us.  We were naïve when this started but we understand corruption much better now.  Maybe Sabina will be able to start a program at UW-Platteville that will one day offer a degree in white collar crime prevention.  Who knows?  The Berlin wall came down.


As of 3/22/17 nobody has identified any specific false or inaccurate information anywhere on – Roger Burton.